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Awaken to your inner light.

The path of Reiki welcomes you to illumination, fulfillment, joy and abundance! 

Becoming a practitioner of Reiki opens doors to the fascinating world of healing and wellness. In our advanced training program you will learn everything from the fundamental principles of vegan diet, healing with energy, working with crystals to understanding diseases and the mentality behind them, healing chronic conditions, and awakening your supernatural abilities that empower your healing capabilities. All of our courses are recognized by the AQTN, and count as credits towards a naturotherapy membership.

My name is Emilia and I have studied Reiki in depth at AnandaOm Academy. I became teacher of Reiki and I furthered my studies to become a wellness coach. I welcome you to my program that is specifically designed to unveil all the secrets of mysticism and science behind the world of healing!

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Reiki 1

Introduction to Reiki Healing

  1. Learn how to heal yourself

  2. Balance your 3 bodies (physical, emotional and mental)

  3. Awaken two energy channels within you

  4. Attune into an unconditional love vibration

  5. Accelerate healing of your loved ones

  6. Find your spiritual home 

  7. Receive a certificate recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association and the AQTN

  8. Learn the truth about holistic therapies

Upon completion, you will receive a First Degree Certificate in the DivineYu Usui system of Reiki from Montreal Wellness Center. The course has been designed in relation to my experience with Reiki, and is affiliated with the DivineYu Academy.

The First Degree of the Usui Reiki has no prerequisites. Once initiated by a Reiki Master, Reiki will never leave you.  Following your first degree initiation, you will be able to treat yourself, your family and friends, animals, plants, food and water.

Reiki energy flows to the part of the body where it is needed the most. It builds confidence, brings peace and positive thinking, and can help to self-heal physical, mental and emotional conditions. Reiki is used in a combination with other therapies in many health and wellness institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation and mental care clinics, substance withdrawal clinics and senior care facilities. 

Reiki initiations open and expand the energy capacity and clear energy blockages. They open a channel for the Reiki energy to flow from practitioner to client. The more a practitioner uses Reiki the clearer and stronger the flow becomes. The process is what makes this system stand apart from others. You cannot learn Reiki through reading about it, it has to be passed down from master to student.  

In this seminar you will learn: 

- The nature of Reiki energy, its origins and methods of transmission; 
- The nature of initiation and work with the energy; 
- Reiki levels; 
- Principles for energy and its benefits;
- The Reiki systems advantages; 
- Common misconceptions;
- The essence of the chakras, aura, energy channels; 
- The most important meditation techniques used in Reiki; 
- How to properly organize sessions with patients;
- Prejudices related to the nature of energy and thought forms; 
- Techniques for treating of people, plants and animals; 

- An introduction to organic vegan nutrition and how to heal with food 
- Techniques and principles of group work 

Reiki Treatment

Reiki 2

2nd Degree Reiki

Upon completion of the Reiki 2 course, you will receive a Second Degree Certificate in the DivineYu Usui system of Reiki from Montreal Wellness Center. The Second Degree Reiki class takes you much deeper into the system of Reiki. It gives you tools to begin your journey as a professional Reiki practitioner. The effectiveness of your treatment will increase by using methods which are passed down from a Reiki Master to a student. You will also learn how to perform distant treatments and develop your intuition. You will be taught to focus and direct energy for specific conditions and purposes. 

In this course we will cover the following:

Principles of Reiki 2
CKR- Symbol for increasing the capacity of Reiki energy channels
SHK- Symbol for protection, emotional releases and resolving patters of behaviour
HSZSN- Symbol for bridging of time & space, distance Reiki
LaRei- Emergency symbol methods


CKR breathing for self-confidence
Manifestation techniques 

This experience opens doors to incredible knowledge and wisdom. You’ll learn about advanced methods for self-healing and balancing of body, emotions and mind. You’ll practice by giving and receiving Reiki energy or self-therapy. You can start providing professional Reiki sessions after the Second Degree Reiki class or using it more effectively for yourself. It's very energizing and rejuvenating.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Reiki 3

3rd Degree Master

Upon completion, you will receive a Third Degree Certificate in the DivineYu Usui system of Reiki from Montreal Wellness Center. The course is designed from my experience with Reiki taught at DivineYu Academy.

In Reiki 2 we learned how to heal ourselves emotionally, how to protect ourselves from resonating with our clients, how to amplify our energy, and how to send reiki energy at a distance. All these skills will become useful in Reiki 3. We will be using a lot of the previous symbols in order to perform a therapy session with new symbols learned in this level.

What does it mean to be a master of Reiki?

Reiki 3 contains advanced techniques, but not only that, a master is required to make Reiki a lifestyle. In levels 1 and 2, I provided you with routines and exercises that would help you practice on a regular basis. This was to prepare you for what is ahead. A master of Reiki shows compassion, mercy, dedication, perseverance, and harmony when working with others, setting an example and being a role model.

In this course we will cover the following:
- The principles of third degree of Reiki;
- The symbols of the third degree- Dai Koo Mio and Raku and their use;
- The secret symbol of the third degree- UN CEPH and its use;
- The techniques for group therapy and influencing large groups of people;
- The techniques for activating and harmonizing the Sahasrara (the crown chakra);
- The energy channel for surgery;
- How to work with crystals and Reiki


Reiki 4 & 5

Advanced Master Level

I welcome you to the Fourth and Fifth Degree Reiki Advanced Master Class. I invite you on a journey to further advancement and development in the practices of Reiki. This course is designed for you dive deeper into this practice and to learn how chakras work at a more complete level of awareness. We will still be working with linear energy. We will look at how each of the chakras work together in pairs, how they resonate, how to harmonize them with new symbols and how to master their energies.

Fourth Degree Reiki, the course covers:
- The principles of the fourth degree of Reiki;
- ORTH NAHAT secret symbol and its use;
- The techniques for healing of Muladahara (the root chakra), related to sexual energy;
- Techniques for healing practices Anahata (the heart chakra), addressing diseases of heart and lungs. 

In the Fifth degree Reiki course, you will learn:
- The principles of the fifth degree of Reiki;
- GED UR secret symbol and its use;
- The techniques for healing of Swadhisthana (the 2nd chakra), addressing diseases of kidneys, intestine and colon;
- The techniques for healing of Vishuddha (the throat chakra), addressing diseases of the throat;
- Practice public speaking;


Reiki 6 & 7

Advanced Master Level

Available only to Fifth Degree Reiki Masters certified by Montreal Wellness Center or other Reiki schools.

Upon completion, you will receive a Sixth and Seventh Master Degree Certificate in the Usui system of Reiki from Montreal Wellness Center, in affiliation with DivineYu Academy.  

In the sixth degree Reiki course, you will learn: 
- The principles of the sixth degree of Reiki;
- The secret symbol TAL DON and its use;
- Healing of Manipura (the third chakra), diseases of the stomach, pancreas, spleen;
- Healing of Ajna (the third eye chakra), dysfunction of the mind and behavior;
- Development of astral sight.

In the seventh degree Reiki course, you will learn:
- The principles of the seventh degree of Reiki;
- The secret symbol GIZA FAM and its use;
- Healing of Sahasrara (the crown chakra), diseases of the nervous system;
- Development of telepathic abilities;
- The elimination of bodily blockages;
- Chakra cloning treatment and other advanced techniques


Reiki 8

8th Degree Master

Reiki 8 course focuses on dynamic energy. Up to this level we have been working with the 7 main chakras of the body, covering all aspects of linear energy. Now we will focus on the chakras of each individual cell. 

In order to qualify for this course one must have 100 hours experience with the practice of Reiki levels 1-7, and demonstrate a full understanding of the course material. 

For every client, a case report must be made and submitted for evaluation. 

After evaluation, it will be determined when the student will be ready for the class.

We will cover the following:

Reiki 8 Principles

Symbol Graph Gon and its use: connection to the Divine and how to use golden light in healing

Science of Reiki

Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body

Sound and geometry 

Mentality of conditions 

Healing methods for chronic conditions

Applications of Universal Laws: Cause and Effect


Reiki 9

Grandmaster and Teacher

Reiki 9 contains advanced training material uniquely presented from my own experience through AnandaOm Academy.

Upon completion, you will receive a Grandmaster Certificate in the DivineYu system of Reiki. This system of Reiki is based on ancient knowledge closely connected with the scientific models of universal creation, and the initiation done directly with the Source.

To be a Reiki Grandmaster, one will need to demonstrate personal characteristics of compassion, integrity, professionalism, rationality, respect towards all beings, healthy mental capacity, balance, harmony, kindness, ethics and very advanced energy practice skills.

Montreal Wellness Center also requires the completion of 50 hours of practice with Reiki 8, and case report evaluations before qualifying for the Grandmaster Certificate.

In this course we will cover the following:

  • How to master yourself

  • Mastering the use of platonic Solids for balancing and harmonization;

  • Practices for a physical harmony;

  • Energy practices for an emotional balance and dissolving negatively charged energy fields

  • Energy practices for a long-term harmony

  • Reiki 9 energy surgery

  • Creating virtues

  • Dissolving emotional larvae

  • Pouring Divine blessings

  • Reiki Grandmaster guidelines

  • Reiki 9 initations: Heart and Third Eye

  • Reiki 1-3 Teacher initiation


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