Your 7 Chakras and Crystal Healing Basics

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Crystals are used for chakra centers in realigning and revitalizing their energy. Before we look at the types of crystals and which chakras they correspond to we have to look at the 7 main chakras or plexuses. These plexuses are associated to a bundle of neurons that reside at each center. The first chakra is the root chakra. It is located at the base of the spine. The second chakra is the sacral chakra below the navel. The next one is the solar plexus located just below the breastbone, the fourth is the heart chakra located at the sternum, and the fifth is the throat chakra located at the laryngeal plexus. Our last two chakras are located at the center of the brow line corresponding to the pineal gland and the crown corresponding to the pituitary gland. Chakras connect our physical, emotional and mental bodies. They are the center of the three bodies. When we send energy during a healing session for example, the energy is transferred directly to the chakra center. The energy then travels the layers of the mental, emotional and finally manifests in the physical, where we can actually see the healing happen.

Let us now look into which crystals work with each chakra and what they are known to heal. Crystals interact with the body's energy field (chakras). They can be placed directly on the chakra for some time or carried in your pocket or warn on a necklace or other jewelry.

Crystals that correspond to the root chakra are usually red or black stones. These are directly used to ground, secure, and stabilize the root. Common problems with the root chakra can include things like money troubles, family issues, and amount of physical energy. Carrying a medium sized black obsidian or a black tourmaline crystal can help to re-balance the energies of the root.

Next let us look into the sacral chakra. This is the creativity chakra. I say this because it directly affects our creative expression in life as well as governs our relationships and sexuality, desires, and emotions. To balance this chakra we look into orange or blue-green crystals. A really good one to use is carnelian. This crystal can also remove blockages that are fear-based. Orange calcite is also really good and can help with emotional balance.

Our third chakra, the solar plexus, corresponds to a yellow color. For this chakra we will look at using yellow colored crystals like Citrine. Citrine is really powerful and can help balance the function of the stomach really well. Like when you have acid reflux or heartburn it an easily eliminate it. Tiger eye crystal can also be used for improving confidence and self esteem. I like tiger eye a lot personally because it is also called the wisdom stone. It works well together with the third eye chakra balancing the confidence together with wisdom.

The fourth chakra, the heart, is associated with a green color. Crystals that work well with the heart are green and pink in color. This would include rose quarts, malachite, green adventurine, lepidolite, pink tourmaline and others. Balancing the heart chakra means balancing love-sex energies, emotions, compassion, and consciousness.

The fifth chakra, the throat is associated with a blue color. This is the communication chakra and it works together with the sacral with our creative expression. When one of these chakras are out of balance we have to look at its corresponding chakra to find out where the issue may really be. As such, the root works together with the heart, the sacral with the throat and the solar plexus with the third eye. For the fifth chakra we use the blue colored crystals such as Sodalite, Angelite, Celestite, Blue Turquoise, and Blue Calcite just to name a few popular ones.

Now let's take a look at our top two chakras. The third eye is located at the brow and is associated with an indigo color. This chakra when out of balance can influence our intuition, physic power, light and spiritual awareness. Lapiz Lazuli is the best stone for this chakra.

The seventh chakra, our crown chakra is associated with a violet color. Imbalances in this chakra an include lack of enlightenment, cosmic consciousness and lack of perfection in the world we see. Crystals used to re-balance and re-harmonize this chakra are Amethyst, Diamond, Selenite, and Clear Quartz, just to name a few.

Crystals can be placed at the center of the chakra during a meditation when you are laying down. It is recommended to use each of the crystals for at least one hour. It is also best to use one crystal at a time and not to carry a mix of crystals as their energies can clash and cause disturbances in communication with the chakras.


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