Working with Obstacles

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

What does it mean when we say we have an obstacle in our lives? How can we overcome this obstacle or how can we eliminate it from our path? That is what this weeks blog is about.

Firstly we begin with the realization that there is an obstacle. We could even refer to this as a blockage. When there is a blockage in our energy field this means that there is an unresolved issue. The issue may be spiritual, physical or emotional. Once we can identify with the issue there are many ways we can eliminate it.

Let's take a look at this example: "I recently applied to university. I had all the grades necessary but my audition just didn't make the cut. After I felt very discouraged. I thought that I will probably never get in even if I try again next year."

So first we have to identify what type of obstacle we are dealing with. I would say it could be a mix of spiritual (feeling discouraged) and emotional (I will probably never get in even if I try next year"). In order to remove a spiritual obstacle in this case we can reprogram our thoughts. Instead of continuously feeling discouraged. Which is totally okay for some time and totally understandable, we don't want to however continuously feel this way so that it creates a belief and later a blockage. So we can say the following affirmations to ourselves: I am proud of myself to trying in the first place and having the courage to get on that stage and audition" "I tried really hard and I am proud of my efforts" "I choose to persist in my efforts regardless the current outcome" "I believe in myself and there are others supporting my efforts. I will try again and put more passion into my work"

It may be best to create a recording of these affirmations and play them a couple times a day until they become your new belief about yourself.

Let's look at the other obstacle: this obstacle to me seems like it affects the self esteem. This is closely linked to the solar plexus chakra. It would be recommended to receive a healing session for this chakra. Also it would be really good to wear a citrine crystal or make a grid with citrine crystals. A healing session should look into an energy surgery and emotional balance. This would realign the chakra and help the person to stop having those beliefs about themselves so they can move on in confidence for the next time they try auditioning.

In all cases the sooner these kinds of obstacles are identified the better chance we have at recovering from them. In today's world it is highly recommended to see a healer on a regular basis. We live in a very yang society always looking outside of ourselves to solve our problems and focused on doing, but sometimes looking within ourselves for a couple hours and being, can be that much more powerful and successful long term.

We also have to understand that everything that happens inside of ourselves is reflected on the outside. So if we atrophy into a disease or illness, that disease or illness is the result of something outside of ourselves that may be occurring. This is also another way that obstacles can be created. Let us say for example we buy a bunch of McDonald's everyday and as a result develop hypertension. The hypertension becomes an obstacle to our health, but it is caused by something outside of yourself. Obstacles like these are easier to analyze and get rid of because it is easy to make the connection.

Please be advised that a lot of my opinions and information I share are from professors who taught me in naturotherapies as well as information I have gathered from sources such as GAIA TV.

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