Why Organic?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

What is all this recent craze about organic nutrition? Why is it so important to encompass organic food in our diets?

When man stepped in with their ego thinking they were all so powerful and capable to change the genetics of the food we eat, rate of disease increased significantly as one study shows: https://www.organic-systems.org/journal/92/JOS_Volume-9_Number-2_Nov_2014-Swanson-et-al.pdf

We have gone against the laws of nature to create foods that we are uncertain of their effects on our bodies. This doesn't only apply to plants, but to animals as well. In an article in the journal Nature, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Transgenic Crops and Recombinant DNA Technology By: Theresa Phillips, Ph.D. (Write Science Right) © 2008 Nature Education, it has been stated that there are unknown consequences to changing the way nature produces its food. There are however two known implications of this process and those are that antibiotic resistant gut flora and exposure to new allergens.

We have to take these methods seriously. There was only 5% of people who responded in a research pole saying they would take action against the purchasing of GMO foods in one study. If we want to be healthy as nature intends for us to be, we have to work within the laws of nature, not against them or in ways we feel superior to them. Again, the laws of cause and effect apply. We are bound to suffer the consequences of such actions whether it's in the near future or later on.

What are ways in which you can adjust your shopping habits and eat organic?

1. Planting your own herbs and vegetables during the summer months. You can purchase organic soil and seeds and plant a wonderful little garden for your family. Right now we are in a difficult situation with COVID-19. However, our local hardware stores like Canadian Tire are open and it is possible to purchase plants and seeds for the garden. Take the time to spend it with your loved ones or even if you are alone take the time to be in nature and do a bit of gardening this summer. If you don't have a garden, it is also ok to plant certain herbs and vegetables inside your home.

2. Purchasing organic or Non-GMO foods. Always read the labels to check if there is a Non-GMO symbol or certified organic label on the package or sticker.

3. Teach by example. It is very easy to talk about bad things and how sick we are and how bad life is etc, why don't we spread good news instead? If you follow a healthy organic diet, why not share with your friends and family about the effect of the benefits these foods have on your health? Have you recently cooked an interesting meal with organic plants? Have you supported organic farming methods purchasing healthy grain fed free ranged chicken? If you have, share this with others. Don't keep it a secret.

4. Cost of food. Yes, I do agree that the cost of organic food can be a little high sometimes. But why not look into supermarkets that have good prices? We have here in Quebec the PA grocery store which has an organic produce section. It also carries some organic meat, dairy and grain products. Their prices are quite good. I would say they are comparable to IGA, Provigo non-organic food.

5. Think of our planet. Think about how supporting non-organic farms has a terrible effect on our planet. The cluttered farming techniques, the effects of non-organic crops on organisms, the run-off pollution from farming, the effects of the foods on your own health and well-being. Step into your power and help make the planet a better place. Just one person can have a significant impact on the environment over their lifetime.

6. Yes, I do agree that many scientists say that GMO foods can help save the planet from lack of food etc. However, we don't know the full potential of the impact of GMO foods and the risks are not measured adequately on a case by case basis.

I hope this article helps you to be aware and vigilant about your choices when it comes to nutrition.

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