Why My Prayers Can't Seem to Manifest

There are 4 known methods to pray that most of us are familiar with. These are colloquial: the prayer for something in desperation/crisis in regular language, petitionary: petitioning God for the outcome, meditation: silence and awareness, and ritualistic: saying the right words during a particular gathering or solitude. I'm not saying these methods never work, but there is often a block in manifesting what we pray for when we pray in these ways. The key is to communicate with the matrix so that it recognizes our prayers. In this article I am not referring to any religious pretext or dogma. In fact I am stepping outside of what has been taught to us through generations through ordinary religions.

In the Gospel of Thomas, there is a part where Jesus (as a spiritual teacher, not religious figure) teaches us to pray. This is the 5th way of praying in which Jesus teaches us how our prayers can become manifest for us.

This mode of prayer consists of 3 parts. The Declaration: stating what you are praying for. The body of the prayer as if it has already happened. Finally, the closure as it is already made manifest in the original Aramaic language.

Allow me to provide you with an example:

1. Declaration: This is a prayer for healing of my mental health.

2. The body: I am full of joy and appreciate the beauty of the health and harmony within my body and mind. I am in ecstasy when i smile at the sun and dance in circles on the grass. The earth beneath me feels cool and nurturing. It is this aliveness that keeps my heart content. With gratitude I dance the dance of life.

3. Closing of the prayer: L'alam Al-mein, Amen. I seal this prayer in trust and truth, Amen.

This is a very personal entry to my blog. I hope that it resonates with you and that your prayers become manifest. Please do comment any positive outcomes. I will be glad to hear of them!

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