What do YOU think intuition is?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

It is real... listen to it.

It's the feeling you get when what you are doing or being made to do is in conflict with what someone expects of you. It gets complicated, because if your intuition about others knowing what's best for you has been right for years, or you have been told not to trust your intuition, then you might not trust your own innate judgment... which, when not coated with others' expectations, is without fail always right!

The only time one's intuition is wrong is when it has been diluted with things people want you to think and their own wishes for their own hopes to come true and for you to intuit their hopes and be right about them.

There are ways to get in touch with your intuition again.

Ask yourself whenever you make a decision: who wants this? Who will it benefit? And for how long?

If you conclude that others have ulterior motives, you might then want to ask yourself what they are.

Remember, everyone's soul is inherently sentient and competent and every soul's intuition is always right.

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