The Function of Language and How Information is Stored in the Matrix

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I recently watched the documentary about the Divine Matrix hosted by Gregg Braden, one of my favorite authors and scientists of today. He spoke of how the use of different types of languages determines the way we interact and the way we experience life.

Let us start with how speaking a language works. First we take in the breath and it reaches our diaphragm, then goes back up our chest and creates a vibration at the larynx. When we speak we create acoustic vibrations with the air that is passing through this space. These vibrations are the basis for what we communicate. When we communicate with words and language of high vibration we create a high vibration. When we communicate with words of separation and hate we create a low vibration. English is actually a language of separation and duality. Other languages like Italian, or Spanish are considered romantic languages are more cooperative and harmonic as compared to English.

"By changing the language we use, we change the way we access the matrix."

A lot of the information and knowledge we have or memory, is not actually stored in our physical brains. It has recently been discovered that neurons don't store memory but they actually tune in to the matrix where the information or memory resides. This can be compared and explained using computer technology. Recently there have been computer chips designed to run on a droplet of water that is compressed within them. The creators of the chips couldn't believe how much information could be processed. It was determined that the information was not contained within the chip itself but rather the chip connected to the field where the information was contained.

Another wonderful example that Mr. Braden mentioned was about how creative ideas work. Sometimes we have a moment of inspiration and we create a new piece of music or piece of art. Have you ever had an idea and never acted on it, and only weeks later you found someone else already published the idea? Like a book or a piece of music? We all have creative ability and are able to access the matrix where the information lies to create our ideas. However, when we don't act at the moment of inspiration, often times the universe will find another person who will act upon the same idea. The interesting thing is that your neurons will wire in a way that will allow you to create what you desire. This actually happens before you even start creating something! If you have creative ideas please act on them! The universe will work wonderfully with you in the process.

Let us go back to the idea of language...

It was mentioned in a previous article that neurons that fire together wire together. When we acquire language skills, neurons that are used in learning the language will find other neurons to wire with. Benjamin Lee Worf made two very interesting statements: "Language shapes the way we think" and "Language determines what we think about." This holds true because our thoughts wire our neurons in a specific way. Let us take a look at an example of the Hopi Indians. They had no concept of past or future. They only spoke their language in the present moment. There was no word in their vocabulary to describe the past or future. They were a very cooperative society, always in the present moment using a language of unity. We can also look at other groups of people. Let's say the way Canadians live. I found a significant difference between South American culture and Canadian. It is not just the culture but the way people communicate with each other. When I would walk down the street in the city of Quito I noticed how people were laughing and smiling and enjoying being with each other. There was so much happiness and aliveness; a sense of cooperation. When I returned home to Canada I just noticed how everyone looks down as they pass each other and those who are talking to each other are like robots. There's no expression on their faces. It was quite shocking to notice this difference. I also noticed a difference in the topics of conversation. In Canada people tend to talk about their work, money, education. Always comparing themselves to someone else. In South America there's more conversation about life, family, nature, food, etc.

It is also known that the power of our words can change our biology. I personally have discovered just how powerful this can be in the practice of Reiki. In Reiki we have symbols. These symbols are like a hidden language. They hold certain meaning. When we activate these symbols we work with our biology to program it to function in a healthy way.

What words are you using to direct your biology?

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