The Breath of Life, Chakras and the Quantum Ordering Field

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

"Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being." Genesis 2:7

There is a fundamental ebb and flow of energy in the body that begins in the 3rd ventricle of the cranium and moves down the spine all the way to the end of the sacrum and back up. In Cranio therapy this concept is called the breath of life. It is actually the primary breath we have. The physical breath we take through our lungs is only secondary and is a result of the ordering principles. It is the breath of life that is referred in biblical texts.

The ebb and flow of this breath of life begins at conception and it guides the ordering matrix and the development of the embryo. As life continues, the health of the physical person continues to interact with this matrix and in turn the matrix helps to maintain the breath of life which maintains health. So there is this exchange of energy between the physical body and the quantum ordering matrix.

The breath of life is very important for the adult as well as the fetus. There is a potency that directly corresponds to the quality of health a person has. The more potent the breath of life the healthier the body can be. How can we make the breath of life more potent?

First of all the breath of life is represented by the longitudinal fluctuation of the CSF in the brain and spinal cord. If there was some kind of trauma or injury caused to the body (emotional, physical or mental) the flow of the breath of life can be affected. What a Cranio therapist can do is increase the potency of the flow of the breath and also feel if there is some kind of block anywhere along the spine, in the cranium or at the sacrum obstructing its flow and work to remove the blockage.

A blockage of energy can be described as a disorder in the matrix or a disorder in the physical function. A therapist can work with the matrix to restore order. By restoring order in the matrix, the physical body can respond to the process of reordering. The reordering process can be interpreted and seen as healing.

How does the chakra system develop and how does it relate to the quantum ordering field?

The human body is also based on the ordering system of the 7 chakras. The first chakra to develop is the Ajna and its ordering matrix is created in the fertilized ovum. It forms the 3rd ventricle in a fully developed body and this ventricle is the most important channel of energy. It is where the flow of energy begins and travels down the spinal cord. Some refer to this chakra as the seed of the soul. In yogic traditions, this channel of energy is referred to as the sushamna. From this ordering center, the sushamna descends and the chakras are created from the bottom up through a process called ignition of the ordering field. The sushamna in Cranio therapy is referred to as the quantum midline. It remains a true intelligent axis throughout life, always connecting the mind-body to its source.

With these concepts we can look at the processes of development and healing in a very different way. It is not just a physical process in linear time but rather a quantum one. Many miracles occur with healing, and many of these miracles have to do with our interactions with the quantum field.

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