De-stressing without resorting to unhealthy habits

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

1. First of all, dig deep into your intuition about how and why you are stressed.

2. If you are stressed because you are tired, don't take a sedative for stress, it will just make you more tired and more stressed. Instead try a coffee, and if it makes you too stressed and wired, THEN you can have your sedative. You might be surprised at how motivated, sociable, socially NOT anxious, and clear-headed you feel from that coffee!

3. If you are stressed about your messy surroundings (home, work space, public places, school, etc), ask yourself why, and what would make you enjoy cleaning more. Even if you feel not motivated enough to do ALL the dishes, do five, then you might want to do just one more... and one more... and one more... until all are done. Your surroundings and your inner world feed off each other. The good news is that you can imagine whatever kind of home you want in your inner world and with encouragement you can get the inner motivation to change your surroundings... but it must come from you... if it comes from someone ELSE's mind, it will only stress you out and make you feel scared, guilty and ashamed. To motivate yourself, ask yourself what you ant to accomplish in your life, and even if having a neat environment isn't one of your goals it can help you accomplish other goals because you won't be worrying about or directly impeded by any mess.

4. If you are stressed about other people and what they think, remember to trust your own intuition about their motives and YOUR motives for your life, and ditch toxic people. Also, one must be happy and unashamed of anything others might say about you... they cannot shame someone who has no shame!

5. If you are stressed about your marks in school or evaluations at work, remember to follow your intuition-- and what your intuition says is good for YOU and your dreams-- in all your goals. Imagine you are doing a very important assignment when you do an assignment... because it is important; it brings you to your goals of a satisfactory transcript or report.

6. If you are stressed about your weight, use that nervous energy to do something enjoyably stimulating... even if it's just walking in circles in your apartment muttering to yourself in front of the TV with the news blaring. You might lose weight! But in all seriousness, think of your goals and prioritize them accordingly Maybe losing weight is not at the top of your list, especially if you are healthy anyway. You WILL get around to losing weight when you need to.

7. If you are stressed about a death in your family, you will need to open your third eye. This may be trickier, or seem so, but there are good websites and books about the afterlife by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Kevin R. Williams (the latter of who runs, which is the official site for the International Association for Near-Death Studies).

8. Don't worry about expensive ways to de-stress if your wallet doesn't allow it. A few accessories and supplies from the dollar store can create a spa at home, if you cannot afford a personal trainer or a gym membership read up on exercises and make up your own and remember; walking is the fastest exercise to get one in shape. If you can't afford to buy fancy vegan food like veggie burgers that are three times the price of ground beef, make your own veggie burgers and cover them with hot sauce. If you can't afford a city bus pass to get to a park that is bigger than your living room, then fill your apartment with trees and look into moving; nature is your best friend and people can get very sick living near highways, skyscrapers, pollution, and nothing else. We are made of earth and we need to connect to it.

I could go on and on, but we all just have to follow our intuition and spirituality and our innate love for everything and it will lead us to the answer.

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