Rewiring our Brain: Is it Possible?

It is most definitely possible to rewire our brain, and reprogram our negative thought patterns. The process of creating new circuitry, new pathways for neurons to communicate is called neuroplasticity. The brain and the nervous system are very malleable throughout our lifetime. The old thinking tells us that our brains cannot change after the age of 25, however it can very well be rewired through specific methods. We see this in examples of learning new languages, practicing things by repetition, focus and attention. It can take approximately 144 days for the new wiring to be acquired, with dedication and practice.

Before we go further, let's take a look at some of the anatomy of the brain. Our pre-frontal cortex has been the latest to develop in our evolution. It is responsible for maintaining the wellness of our brain-body function. What about the hemispheres? In modern day society we are programmed to be more left-brained. This means we are trained to use our reasoning and rationality more than empathy, intuition. The way we live today (for the average person) we are not encompassing both hemispheres and are not creating a balance for ourselves. This is why we lose our wiring for whole-brain function. In the teachings of the Kabbalah, having mastered a balance between both hemispheres means that there is a balance between the spiritual opposites of mercy and severity.

This means that there is always the possibility of working on ourselves to achieve this whole brain balance.

Now looking back at the pre-frontal cortex; if this area of the brain is stimulated, it can automatically program the rest of the brain. The rule of thumb is that the neurons that wire together, fire together. This goes the same for negative patterns as well as positive patterns. In the case of changing our negative patterns to better ones, the longer we maintain a new thought-process the stronger our wiring will become. When it becomes strong this is when a pattern will break. The new process will disconnect the old process. The more we act on this new process and put it into practice, the stronger the wiring will become, yet again. We can definitely learn new ways of being proactive and create realities that are more favorable and positive for us instead of maintaining default reactions or attitudes towards life that do not serve our highest good.

As a wellness coach, I only emphasize how important spiritual practice is. Such practices can significantly impact our brain's wiring.

Let's take a look at brain waves. During delta wave state, the brain is asleep. This is a time when the brain can actually clean up and rejuvenate significantly. Next up in frequency we have theta wave state. This is usually achieved in deep meditation, where the ego-mind are silenced, but awareness is still there. Following this we have alpha wave state. This state is commonly achieved in the practice of yoga, tai chi and other spiritual sports. This is good if we want to remain engaged with the outer world. However, it does leave room for our ego to still present itself. Next there is beta state. This is the typical working state. It is really important to have balance between both hemispheres in order to reach a more full potential. Retaining information in beta state if our full brain is working in a balance, can be significantly better. Finally we have gamma state. This is achieved by some people who are very present and in the zone. Often times when creating a new art piece, composing music, etc. It is known as a state of mystical transcendence. Such states can also be achieved in meditations as specific mantras can initiate this.

A good way to start is simply by taking a jog and listening to music. The movement of the arms and legs from left to right will engage both hemispheres. Of course it is very important which music you choose to listen to during this exercise. As mentioned in previous entries, music that is free of lyrics, let's say solfeggio frequencies for example can be extremely effective. If you jog for 30 minutes listening to a 528 hz frequency you will notice a huge difference. The fact that the music is free of lyrics, means that the language centers of the brain will not be engaged and the Corpus Collosum which holds the two hemispheres together and is responsive to music will engage and begin the process of transformation.

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