Pineal Gland Basics

The Pineal gland is a center point of the 3rd eye chakra as mentioned in previous articles. It is really the most fascinating gland in my opinion, as its activation can lead to spiritual and non- physical sensory experiences. Acquiring this awakened state of perception can be effortful not just to activate it but to adjust after activation. For example, when my pineal gland activated I had spiritual experiences where I connected with my spiritual home where my soul originated from. I couldn't explain in words where exactly this home was but it was so familiar and it definitely was not the 3D earth that I was used to. I had abilities to teleport and the day and night were one. There was no change the daylight or night. The landscape was wondrous, comparable to the Amazon rain forest, but it was more than that, it was so vivid, so pristine. There was mist everywhere. It was like living in a paradise full of Prana. Following this experience I was also able to receive visions of my state of health through abstract representation. For example I saw myself canoeing on a calm lake. At that time I knew I was comfortable in life and had little or nothing to worry about. I also had several astral travel experiences. I traveled far across the universe learning about other life forms on other planets. It was comparable to having a lucid dream but it was in a meditative state. This is just to name a few things that I had experienced upon the awakening of my pineal. It can be a very different experience for others.

In the book Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander, he writes of his near death experience and how during his coma he had spiritual experiences where he united with family members and how their souls were mystical non-human lifeforms. I love that book and recommend it as a read for anyone who's looking to open their mind about the human psychic.

So let us take a look into some basics about the functions of the pineal. This article may help you understand this gland better before reading the articles: Pineal and Transcendence and Mystery of the Pineal Gland Unveiled.

Firstly the pineal is located at the center area of the brain as the main point of the Epithalamus. It is submersed in CSF of the 3rd Ventricle. It is 0.8cm long and is pine cone shaped. Covering the pineal gland are calcite crystals. These crystals when compressed act on the pineal releasing certain neurohormones such as DMT and Vasopressin just to name a couple. These neurohormones are the ones that can allow for lucid dreaming and storing of more water in the body. Pop-science tends to avoid the truth about the Pineal. In some way keeping us in the dark about the spiritual light we carry within us. It says the Pineal gland is not well studied or its true functions are not scientifically proven true. However, I can tell you that there are truths revealed about it by scientists who are not in the mainstream. Fascinating truths. Sometimes it may not even require science to determine the truth, but a personal experience in spiritual awakening.

In our unawakened state, the pineal functions by releasing melatonin regulating the sleep wake cycle of the SCN. Dysfunctions of the pineal in releasing melatonin can lead to disorders of anxiety, insomnia and thyroid issues. Melatonin is a very important neurohormone. It not only regulates sleep wake cycles, but it also acts as an antioxidant. One of the most powerful ones actually. It helps to regenerate and rejuvenate tissues. Without the rejuvenating effects of melatonin we would age much more quickly.

I like that the Pineal bridges very clearly spirituality and science. I recommend the program Rewired hosted by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Gaia TV. The other two articles on the Pineal gland in this blog are summaries of his documentary. However please do watch it even if you read my work.

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