Our Relationship with Time

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

When I awakened my relationship with time changed significantly. I always understood, as many people do, that time is linear - at least my understanding of military time. However time can be seen very differently than this. I became accustomed to the day-night cycle. Always feeling like I could fall asleep when the sun was setting and waking up when the sun rose. I haven't experienced that before my awakening. In fact, I would always try to stay up late until 2AM like all my friends watching TV, studying, or reading a book. I never payed attention to the sunset or the sunrise and I never felt consciously, their effect of its energy on me when it came to my sleep cycle, to the extent that I do now.

In 2012 I read the book called Fractal Time by Gregg Braden. He is one of my favorite authors and scientists. He wrote a whole book about time! I was really impressed with what I read. I mention this because I learned to understand time very differently from that day on. He wrote about time as being cyclical. He is not the first person to make that statement - there are many others. By cyclical he meant that time is measured in cycles. For example the Mayan Calendar or our 4 seasons of summer, spring, winter, and fall. Mr. Braden also wrote about specific calculations about how to predict certain events to repeat themselves in the future. Events such as wars, or economic growths or crashes, weather events, relationships.

How often to we find ourselves in a situation where our job doesn't make us happy or when our relationship is holding a lot of tension and not moving in the direction we want it to? What do we do when this happens? Most of us change our job, move to a new location, or find a new relationship. But then the same thing happens again! It is always cyclical unless we make a conscious effort to change ourselves instead changing things and circumstances outside of ourselves. We realize that this time we won't do this particular thing anymore as it no longer suits our highest good.

In recent research Hawking stated a very profound argument, that time does not exist beyond the Planck length. The Planck Length being the smallest measurement of length with any meaning. It is roughly equal to 1.6 x 10-35 m or about 10-20 times the size of a proton. The number 1.6 is very significant as it is the number of the Fibonacci sequence, known as the golden ratio. It is theorized that anything measured smaller than this length, time does not exist.

Hawking also wrote a book about time called: The Brief History of Time. It is also a very good read.

With spiritual growth I have taught myself to not pay attention to linear time at all unless I'm bound by it, for example if I'm at school writing an exam and have only limited time to finish it. Or if I have to arrive at particular location at a particular hour. However, in my day to day life I rarely look at the clock and I hardly ever restrict myself to a specific amount of time doing a task. I've learned to simply let go and enjoy the present moment or the present instant. When I started doing this, really interesting things happened. I actually became way more productive and noticed (over a few years time) that I actually slowed down my aging!

Do you have any interesting experiences with regards to time? Please share your comments on this blog. I will be sure to answer them.

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