Importance of Body Alkalinity and Stomach Acidity

When it comes to our overall digestive health, we want to make sure that the pH of the stomach is strong so that all proteins can be broken down appropriately, not leaving metabolites in the lower digestive tract, which can become toxic to the body. An acidic body creates the perfect environment for pathogens to thrive. Eating alkaline is the best natural revival method for this problem.

Having enough stomach acid is key. If we don't have enough acid in the stomach we are not able to break down the food properly either.

First of all we can start with eating mindfully. This means giving yourself enough time to eat a proper meal. Eat with friends, family, even light a candle and set a good mood for the meal. We want to be in parasympathetic nervous system dominance. This means we are not in a rush or in a flight or fight sympathetic nervous system dominance. We are able to take our time to eat the food at a comfortable pace. It is also important to chew the food well.

So how does our body pH work?

1. Our pH as a whole depends on the pH of the individual tissues. Our blood is always in a very narrow range of pH. We can actually get really sick if our pH is too high or too low in the blood.

2. Our kidneys work to eliminate acid through the urine. Having a more acidic urine in the mornings is good because this means that the body is working well to eliminate the acid from the body.

3. Our lungs work to eliminate CO2 which also helps acids to leave the body. This is why exercise is important, because with heavy breathing we can get more toxins out through our lungs.

4. The fire of our stomach as mentioned above, when strong can help to break down proteins into amino acid chains, so that when these amino acids reach the lower digestive tract, they can be properly absorbed.

5. Adding minerals to your diet can help with the body's alkalinity. It can help the absorption of nutrients through proper breakdown. Foods that are rich in minerals are leafy bitter greens, like spinach, kale, arugula.

Diet-wise, it is best to begin with an organic leafy green detox. Eating a lot of bitter leafy greens to begin with will help stimulate the stomach juices, and cleanse the liver of toxins. You can also add some minerals to the water you drink. If you really want to go green, add a dose of wheat grass or chlorophyll a few times a week on an empty stomach. Lemon juice before a meal is recommended. However, if you have acid reflux or heartburn do not consume lemon water before a meal. Cutting down on meat, dairy and sugar can also help enormously.

Aside from your diet, maintain a healthy physical exercise routine, whether its jogging, long walks, or other exercise everyday. As long as you get that heavy breathing going for 30 minutes a day it can help enormously. Avoid smoking cigarettes or any other substances. Keep those lungs clear.

Avoid sugary or carbonated drinks, and alcohol. These can seriously damage the stomach and leave behind toxins (metabolites and free radicals) in the tissues.

As already mentioned above, take time eating your meals. Set the mood and enjoy them with family and friends. The stomach acidity should be as nature created it to be. The best way to maintain that is to let nature heal you.

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