How to Balance our 5 Elements

How do we become imbalanced with our elements? There are several ways to answer this question. Firstly it could be the food we eat or the diet we maintain. Secondly it could be our environment including our emotional health and support from others, and lastly it could be our general lifestyle. The laws of the universe apply to everyone. No one is above them and no one can avoid them. The food we choose to eat can have a direct impact on our genetics. That is why it is important to eat organic plant based nutrition. Avoiding animal products as much as possible is also important because it is important to share the love for animals not to take their lives. Maintaining healthy behaviors and attitudes with people is also important. Not only karmicly but there can be severe direct consequences for violent behaviors. Psychological abuse is known to cause a variety of illnesses in victims. When someone is made to feel guilty by another for example, it can cause a knotting of energy. The knots of energy can occur anywhere in any of the chakras, but most commonly they can occur in the sacral and solar plexus. Our relationships directly can effect our sacral chakra. Our solar plexus contains our stomach where two opposing elements need to remain balanced. The water and fire elements. Having an unsteady emotional pattern or repetitive negative emotions can easily cause stomach problems. Some people develop depression and feelings of helplessness in such cases. It is important to treat each other with respect and integrity regardless of what opinion you may have of them.

Lifestyle choices are also just as important. Having healthy romantic relationships and engaging in healthy activities day to day can have a very positive effect on the way the elements work in the body. If we stray from acceptable behaviors we are more likely to go down a very rocky road with our health. It may not happen right away but it can happen according to the laws of cause and effect.

So how do we balance these elements if we know there is something wrong?

First we can do yoga. Pranayama and asana excercises are very good. Pranayama is how we control our breath. We can consciously make the effort to listen to how we breath and control the way we do it. Taking deep breaths all the way to the bottom of the spine and all the up to the top of the head slowly is a very good way to relax and center. You could also do kundalini yoga where there are more vigorous breathing exercises. The whole practice of kundalini yoga is centered around the breath. Asanas are the different physical poses you can do in yoga practice. Speak to your instructor about the different poses you could do if you notice that one part of your body is out of balance.

As mentioned in previous articles. The environment plays a key role in our emotional well being. When we are conditioned by certain environments to be constantly in a particular emotional pattern that is not healthy for us, we will develop errors in our genetic coding and thus develop illness. Meditation is a great way to reprogram ourselves from that conditioning.

Always take care of your health and don't expose yourself to environments, people or situations that could be dangerous or unfavorable to your health and well-being. If you have a specific health condition or problem please send me your questions and I will be happy to help you with your specific problem and how to approach it.

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