Healing with Sound Vibration

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Can we heal ourselves with vibrations?

Our bodies are constantly emitting electromagnetic frequencies. Our heart field extends about 1m (3ft) out from us. There are all kinds of biofeedback machines that measure frequencies in the body. Some are used to treat disharmonies, or to feed in the proper vibrations needed. For example, the therapeutic application of lasers. The 3ft permeation from our heart is commonly referred to as the personal space within our working aura. Not only is the magnetic field flowing, so are the subtle energies of etheric and spiritual realms. There is always this exchange of energy between the physical world and higher realms. The purpose is to exchange energy between the realms. As this process of exchange can transform matter and purify the body.

I would like to refer to the Kabbalah tree of life. The bottom of the tree is the representation of the physical world, and the higher points are the higher realms of consciousness, not in physical existence, but still connected to the physical. The physical receives energy from these higher realms, and those realms are what allow things to manifest. We can say that the cause is the higher realm, and the effect is the physical realm.

"All substances and phenomena have their own unique magnetic resonance field" -Dr. Emoto.

This is due to Hado. The intrinsic vibrational essence. As a holistic practitioner we are able to hold our harmony within ourselves, and use that vibration to heal others (what happens within us, affects the physical world outside of us). There is a strong affinity between the therapist and client. What we do to someone else, we do to ourselves.

What about sound resonance?

For someone who has severe illness, a typical vibratory machine cannot fix the issue. It can help to maintain a healthy resonance, but it cannot fix the issue of a severe illness (in most cases). This is when we can look into other vibrational devices, such as Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, crystal instruments and so on. All these sound techniques work best when the patient is willing to receive and accept healing.

A healer who is truly in tune at the right frequency, they may use power words, mantras, chants, etc., combined with their will these can effect the patient significantly. Some of these vibrations transferred may be well beyond the sensory range, however we may notice changes at the physical level as a result of the energy transfer.

It is important to note that we have to heal the root cause. When the root cause is healed (a problem within the higher realm, as it usually is), then the physical body can heal. We must be willing to do the inner work in order for there to be a shift in our outer world.

So how does sound therapy work?

Sound healing has a range of about 10 octaves. This is what is perceived. When we play a Tibetan singing bowl for example, the sounds can create an altered brainwave state, promoting a deep relaxation. Not just anyone can play these sound instruments. The therapist has to be in tune with the right frequency and be a conduit for spirit. That way the sound flows with intention and manifests as healing frequency. It will move throughout the body changing the shape of matter on the molecular level, creating a harmony and balance.

Referring back to the tree of life, there are 4 pillars. These 4 pillars represent the 4 elements (fire, air, water, earth.) (Ether at the center point). These pillars rotate through cycles or phases. For example, all the 4 elements have cycles. The most common one we know of are the phases of water (liquid, gas, solid). So too do the other elements have their phases. We also have phases.

Most people are focused on the physicality of things. We have to look at the whole picture, not just the bottom of the tree. Because we only pay attention to the basics, we end up using only a fraction of of this tree of life or of our own potential. The phases we have are: Air (mind and thought), Water (emotions, intuition), Fire (will and purpose), Earth (physical body), Ether (divinity). By being aware and in tune with all of our phases, we can begin to use all our DNA capacity, and all of our potential. This way we can live in the middle pillar, manifesting our reality from divine will.


Fire is the element that is really interesting. It has 4 phases so to speak. There is elementary fire (the physical fire made manifest), Secret fire (fire of the higher consciousness), Central fire (center of matter, what engenders matter), and celestial fire (the pure power of divine will). The celestial fire operates even at the 0pt field. This is what we referred to in earlier posts as the fluctuating vacuum that has infinite amount of energy. This fire is the smallest block of matter that exists. It is where the seed of divinity exists within it.

So let us look back at how healing can manifest.

A shift happens when source energy and the physical density meet and connect. At this meeting point, there is unity, and a transformation of matter takes place. This is when we can be in touch with our divine presence, and enter a state of bliss. In Buddhism this transformation was called the rainbow body. It was a transformation from matter to light, discarding the impurities.

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