Healing DNA: Unlocking Your Full Potential

What happens when we unlock our dormant genes? Will this unlock our full DNA potential?

DNA communicates and organizes itself within the quantum field. When coherent laser light photons for example, are projected at the DNA helix, they will arrange themselves around the structure of the DNA molecule. The structure of the DNA will continue to be present even if the actual physical molecule of DNA is removed from the picture. This is called a phantom effect, and it happens only with DNA. Pretty cool, huh?

We can say that DNA is a transmitter and receiver of coherent light. Scientists now know that DNA emits biophotons (low frequency photons) from its non-coding sections. It is this non-coding part of the DNA that receives and transmits light. This means that we can use coherent light to communicate with our DNA. It is really important for the light to be coherent in order for this to work. There are laser clinics for example that use low frequency coherent light to heal certain illness, injuries, or conditions in the body. Not only do we have clinics that use light photons, we also have people who use healing modalities such as Reiki, Theta healing, etc. These trained therapists use their will and their intention to transmit information in a meditative state to the patient. This information is transmitted through vibration, light, and even the use of holy words. It is indeed possible to reprogram DNA with words and frequencies.

It is interesting to know that other species on Earth also have non-coding sections. In these species, we can say that the whole process of DNA activation and replication is more advanced. Worms, jellyfish, and salamanders for example have the ability to regrow entire limbs and parts of their bodies if they happen to lose them. This is currently not possible for the human being. How does this happen? A master gene is switched on and begins to reprogram the DNA for regeneration. It is not just the biochemistry that allows for this to happen. It is the epigenetic writing that is very different from ours. Scientists are now looking into how genes can be turned on to initiate the process of regeneration. The full potential depends on the entire network of genes; the epigenetic coding and non-coding genes as a whole, as 99% of non-coding genes communicate via light and not just biochemistry. Bringing the dormant parts of our DNA active, can create a wide variety of resources for healing, as it aligns us with our higher purpose.

Spirituality and DNA Activation

Spirituality, for a long time has known how to unlock this process through various practices. Like harnessing the body as an instrument of sound (healing with Tibetan bowls and sound healing instruments). How did the monks know what they were awakening?

Many sages applied the teachings of the Kabbalah. They considered the Kabbalah tree of life as the blueprint of life and knew that it exists and is expressed within us. Today it is known that our DNA organizes itself around this sacred geometry of the tree of life. The Kabbalah is the signature of God within our DNA.

More recently, scientists have found a quadruplex of DNA. They analyzed this structure and its replication process. They found that it was organized to resemble the 5 elements, and when twisted 45 degrees it formed an octagonal structure, still in alignment with the Kabbalah. It is known as the octagon of power. We can find this octagon in various western and eastern traditions, like the Iching. The geometric structure of the DNA has very clear symmetry with the Iching and the tree of life.

How can we become more coherent within ourselves?

Meditation is essential, but it is not the only thing that will help us. We have to harness our will. Everything we breathe, eat, drink, place on our skin affects our genes. Second and third, our mental beliefs and our emotional attitudes also play a significant role. For example if we are in a constant state of fear or worry our DNA contracts. When we experience joy and gratitude, the DNA does the opposite, it expands allowing for more genetic expression. The more we expand, the more we can access our potential. We have to also we aware of the fact that the words we choose can also affect our DNA. Using words in a negative way hurts not only ourselves, but others around us, damaging our DNA structure.

How can we benefit from the power of words?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, DNA not only aligns itself with coherent light photons, but also with frequencies and words. We can actually use holy words to initiate a spark of energy that can activate our codes. Specific harmonics and frequency, together with visualization can do this, like using the holy word A-G-L-A.

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