Effects of Stress on the Body

What happens when you are diagnosed with cancer? What happens when you hit rock bottom with your mental health? Do you think you have the power to change these circumstances?

Chemotherapy or surgery seem to be the only solutions in traditional medicine to improve a cancer condition. However they all tell us that there is no cure and that there is always a chance of life but ultimately give you a definite time to live. Is this the real solution? How can we find an answer that heals us not just suppresses symptoms temporarily?

The truth is that there are several ways to heal from cancer. Most of the methods are within the scope of natural medicine. Cancer is just one example of a battle we can't seem to win against. There are more and more cases everyday. Something is going wrong, but what is it?

Our civilization has evolved in such a way that is not sustainable for long term. We over consume the environment, and are focused on destruction, always in competition with one another. When mother nature works in ways to maintain harmony and balance, we step in and destroy that balance. We have to start thinking differently if we want to survive for many future generations. Not only survive but be healthy and full of vitality.

How many of you fear other people? People like your boss? You probably find yourself in a flight or fight response mode most of the time, always trying to impress, please and perform your best, but always fearing that you will be rejected. Fear changes your chemistry. If you are always in fear, your body starts to function differently chemically. It produces more stress hormones like adrenaline. Adrenaline is more in the first stages of stress and leads to inflammation in the body. Once the first stage of stress persists long enough it switches to the next stage where cortisol production rises. This slows the metabolism and lowers appetite levels. Not only does our body naturally enter these stress states, but we also start consuming products that make it stay that way, like lots of caffeine, sugar, junk food, etc. How can we begin to change this state of being? How can we change our number one healthcare crisis, which is fear?

We have to start with changing how we think. If our thoughts can make us ill, then can they also make us well? Cancer for example is a very scary diagnosis. It is definitely hard not to be scared and not to enter fear-based thinking. However, you do have the power of the mind to make all the change to need to come out of any ill condition. As we discussed in previous entries, there are many ways to meditate and raise your vibration so that your body can follow physically and chemically.

Also we do not develop disease just because we have bad genes. Having bad genes has nothing to do with it. Its about the lifestyle and behavior. There have been several experiments done to prove this. Dr. Lipton for example designed experiments using stem cells. He placed the cells in 3 different pea tree dishes, each one with a different culture medium. In each of the dishes, the cells differentiated into different forms, muscle, bone, skin. It had nothing to do with their genetics because they were all the same cells to begin with. They all had the same genetics, but being placed in a different environment they became something different. Its the environment that influences and determines the fate of the cells, not the genes themselves.

Certain emotions affect specific organs of the body and cause disease. For example, anger affects the liver, fear affects the kidneys, adrenals, bladder, and reproductive organs. Grief and sadness, affect the colon and lungs, anxiety affects the small intestine, heart and nervous system, worry affects the spleen, pancreas and stomach. Specific emotions drive the functions of the organs. Emotional health is just as important as maintaining a healthy diet. If you stay in a state of chronic stress, the emotions will drive you into illness. This has been studied in great depth in Chinese medicine.

Our parasympathetic Nervous System helps us to replenish our energy. Simply consciously breathing slowly helps to resent your NS back into harmony. So when you are tense and stressed just take a minute to breathe. It will help you to come back to your center. Its also recommendable to practice relaxation methods like yoga, meditation, or light exercise.

Do you choose the path of wellness or illness? Have you overcome obstacles to health? Or are you working on it, but having difficulty finding the way? Let me hear your stories.

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