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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Everything is known to be made up of the 5 classical elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Ether. Through new scientific discoveries, the discovery of atoms led to the conclusion that the Universe is not that simple. There are hundreds of elements and only 2 of them make up majority of the visible matter in the Universe. All the heavier elements comprise only a small fraction of the Universe, yet, they are vital for life. Are we made of star dust after all? Our bodies are composed of mainly Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen. Small amounts of Phosphorus, Calcium and some others. We come from the stars that exploded years ago. Can you feel the connection to the stars?

Scientists discovered that not everything is made of particles only, but rather of fields. These fields vibrate at different frequencies. This concept reintroduced the idea of Ether. Our universe is composed of visible matter, dark matter and dark energy. Visible matter is only 5% of our universe, dark matter makes up 27% and dark energy 68%. Science today is so focused on the physical part that they deny the invisible part. This also applies to our views of physical life and the rejection of spiritual truths.

On the tree of life, the physical life is only represented by the very bottom of the tree. Soul and spirit are two distinct things. Lets define spirit at the divine essence that comes from source and is one with it. In this oneness state it is assigned to the top of the tree of life. It is the opposite end of the spectrum from the physical. According to the laws of the universe, everything has 2 poles or polarities. Spirit and physical are one but the same, just at the opposite ends of the same pole. Spirit is at such as high frequency, we can't yet detect it physically. What then is soul? Soul encompasses all the levels in between. It bridges the connection between the spirit and physical, and changes the two into one essence. What is our purpose?

We are here to harmonize and bridge together into oneness all three principles of physical, soul, and spirit.

Our universe is called the goldilocks zone, but it is the only universe that allows for matter and consciousness to coexist. Under these perfect conditions, life is possible. Our Earth for example, has the perfect conditions to host intelligent life. With a moon that prevents having too many cataclysmic changes. Jupiter saving the Earth from the impact of many asteroids, and cleared our solar system from space debris. We are about 2/3 out from the center of a black hole at the center of the milky way. If we were any closer of further we wouldn't exist the way we do. Could this mean there is intelligence behind this organization? Or is it all just by chance or coincidence?

The strong entropic principle states that the universe is organized this way according to a divine plan. While the weak entropic principle states that everything happens by chance rather than by design. The only explanation we could come up with, that our universe is just one of the many multiverses. Mind or intelligence source is the architect of the universe, while matter and life as the intentional result or idea expressed by the mind. This goes hand in hand with the first hermetic principle that: "All is mind. The Universe is mental. All the phenomenal world or Universe is simply a mental creation."

How does this mind create?

The mind directs the creative forces. Today's standard model of physics describes the following: Fermions include participles of ordinary matter, and bosons are the force carriers that mediate interactions by the four physical forces. It all begins in the quantum sea, which holds all memory, information and potentials of what can come to be, while the mind directs the creative forces. Everything that could come to be, is already there as potential, inactivated. Before the moment of "Let there be light!", there was darkness, however there was the potential for everything to come into existence. The mind of Ensof went into the darkness and sensed all these potentials. Once we become aware that something is there, what happened next?

It's the will to know, to awaken and to express that potential. A vibration ripples through the quantum sea, our will. This ripple is the will of Ensof that initiated the big bang. It is the will of the infinite source. This will then activates something. First consciousness, then a force. Consciousness is different from awareness. Consciousness observes more actively and directly than awareness. Directing the will implies there is a thought. Like "Let there be light". This requires a force, which is mediated by bosons. These forces are sent out and the lights turn on. Then all the potentials awaken, including us. What are we? We are energy. Eternal essence, which can never be destroyed. In that eternal essence we are all one. We looked around and witnessed what was happening. With our thought we were created. Ensof's will is what initiated the creation of the universe. Our will initiated its fine tuning.

Thoughts create matter.

Matter is made fermions. It's not just any thought that can create matter. It must be coherent thought from higher consciousness. It has to be made from higher consciousness than most people are operating at today. Why did we want to be part of this physical experience?

First it was matter and anti-matter that exploded into photons of light. Matter came to dominate. Different types of particles needed to bond. Things that draw together are usually of a complimentary nature. Protons and neutrons draw together, then electrons create more stable and balanced forms. Atoms combine with atoms and molecules with molecules eventually creating our DNA. With our compliments we can balance each other and create greater life.

Interaction leads to knowledge and understanding. We and the universe come to know ourselves through interactions. Particles interact with each other all the time, exchanging information. Each interaction and its results are recorded in the quantum sea.

The ultimate union of all the shattered vessels remains until we heal and repair these shatters. Only when we in our individual forms heal, can we then can heal each other. The healing of our world is a collective mission, yet we each as individuals have a unique role. Are we on track with our role?

There is a long way to go for collective healing to occur. It takes quantum leaps of faith to achieve this mastery. If we run from challenges we miss opportunities to become stronger.

What is the overall purpose of all this?

a. The mind coming to know itself

b. expression of all potentials in their unique forms

c. progression and transformation through alchemy

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