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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

How do we become the creators or our reality? How do we develop the skills and abilities to go beyond ourselves and be able to create what we really want in life? Improve our health? Our friendships. Better our family relationships etc?

Let me take you on a journey to discover yourself and your true potential.

First we have to look at how we function physiologically within our nervous system. Most of us are conditioned by our outer world. How to think, how to act. What kind of person we are depends on how much money we make or what kind of car we drive. We live in a very egoistic society. What if we look at how we are when these outer influences no longer affect us? Do we still think the same? Do we still see the world the same way? What if we become conscious enough that we don't follow what others do or say but create from a special place from within? We can make our own reality from a field where all possibilities exist instead of manifesting matter to matter. Which only leads to decay and disharmony. We do this normally on a daily basis without even being aware of it.

To reach your higher potential it can take a bit of practice, but believe me, once you become aware of the present moment and discover how you can uniquely use your mental abilities to manifest a reality the way you want it to be you will never want to go back.

40% of our brains constitute our thinking brain. Our forebrain which is considered our mind is always working out our thought processes. In order to act out our thoughts we shift to our limbic brain, where the chemicals necessary to do what we think are produced. Our cerebellum is the part of our brain that corresponds to our state of being. It is active when our actions are done so often that we are just in a state of repetition. We subconsciously do certain behaviors without even thinking about what we are doing. Like driving a car.

We want to create a coherence in our brains so that our thinking, doing and being parts of our brains are working together synchronized. The same goes for the saying that if you think, say and do you are manifesting truth. If what you think say and do are not in alignment then we drift away from truth and into a world of chaos and incoherence, and as a result, disease, and suffering manifest. How many times have to found ourselves window shopping and wanting something? Then realizing we don't have a way to own that and feeling discouraged because we find ourselves not worthy enough of owning that item? What if we just live in the present moment aware of our thoughts and the reality we create for ourselves? What happens then? Can we work in such as way that we always have everything we need and not have to seek outside of ourselves being in a position where we always want but never get?

This can all be achieved through he practice of meditation. We have to work to get beyond the past. This is where we start. Our emotions are a record of the past. We have to get beyond the emotion that has been coded within us, that drives our thinking and carries on our suffering as well as shapes our personality. We have to become greater than the condition of our environment and we also have to get beyond the ego and our present identity.

Crossing a river of change is difficult, but if you are willing to put the energy and the willpower into making a change for yourself then you can achieve wonders.

Allow yourself to do the following exercise for the next 3 days:

Simply sit in lotus position with a straight spine and close your eyes. You may sit on a cushion or on your bed or couch. Make sure the space you are in is clean. You can even light a candle or incense to make it comfortable.

The first thing you want to do is focus on your breath and all the space around you. Keep sensing the space. First allow yourself to feel where you are in the house, then where you are in the city and then where you are on earth and keep going until you go as far as you can think. When you can't think anymore of where you reside allow yourself to merge with the feeling of this space surrounding you. This technique will allow you to become greater than your body, because you ARE greater than your body.

If you feel discomfort just focus back on your breath and let any thoughts go. Resist the urge or the temptation to get up or move around and do something else. You should maintain lotus posture for at least 20 minutes.

We want to get out of the conditioned mind. When you are in the feeling of infinite space around you, what do you feel emotionally? Allow your emotions to drift away in this space, and allow yourself to feel the void. In this void there may be a lot of uncertainty. It may feel scary, but allow yourself to manifest from this void. Disconnect from the physical 3D confines of your mind, thinking that you have to work with linear time to manifest your dreams. Instead draw your dreams to you as they already exist in the future. Bring your future from the void to the present 3D reality.

By drawing your reality to you, this allows yourself to become greater than time. When you become greater than time and you are aware of your thoughts and the infinite possibilities that exist you can then step into your manifesting power. Then your dreams are in the palm of your hands and you can create what you desire instead of waiting for something to happen.

Continue this 3 step practice for 3 days.

Join me on the next adventure 3 days from now where we will look into how to overcome obstacles that may hinder our power to create as well as learning and conditioning ourselves to practice being aware of our thinking and how our thinking can create more health, harmony. Just like our thoughts can create illness, so too they can create well being. Let's step into our power to create well being for ourselves and those around us.

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