Creating a Sustainable Future

How can we build a community that is sustainable? How can we go from just surviving to thriving?

History shows us that past civilizations which didn't survive, were the ones who did not work in cooperation with each other and with Mother Earth. They would use and destroy resources, but never come up with ways to re-create them and work in harmony with the Earth. Those civilizations all disappeared.

If we look at our climate anywhere in the world today, it is so deprived of its richness and stability. If we compare it to half a century ago, there was stability in the weather patterns, and the crop growth, and soil was rich and the animals were freely farmed. Now there is lack of food, and genetic engineering is taking over. There is also lack of water, and great fluctuations in temperatures. We see this especially on the west coast of America, like California. Can this be prevented or changed? How can we get back what we once had? Where do we start?

Children create our future world. They need to be exposed to interacting with the Earth like they used to. Exposed to planting vegetable gardens, playing in the dirt, seeing how food grows and having that relationship with the Earth, not just seeing the end product in the grocery store and having no idea what it is actually like in the wild or on a farm. Industrialization has cut that connection and that interaction we used to have with the Earth. I'm not saying to make children work on a farm, I'm saying to have them exposed to farming or gardening. I understand not all of us can have a farm or garden because we live in apartments or in big cities with little land. But even living in an apartment we can still find ways to plant something. Even if it's just a hanging pot of herbs or a small patch of vegetables. It is really important to do this organically.

As children we used to play in the dirt, we used to run barefoot on the grass. These days everything is toxic. We can't dig in the dirt for worms, we cant walk barefoot on the grass. There is always some kind of pesticide or toxin used in some way preventing us from having that Earthly experience. We loose our connection with the very home we are part of.

In my research I have found that organic food can heal disease by a rate of 50%. We have to eliminate this mental disturbance that has become our norm and return to being and doing things in harmony with one another and with the Earth. The planet creates everything we need. All the medicines, all the food, all the beauty for us to be healthy and to sustain us for the future. We have to stop following the patterns of destruction that bring us to an end of civilization, and start thinking in ways to thrive and survive.

There is so much technology out there. Why can't we invest in things that bring us richness and expand our thinking? Solar power, and wind power has been around for so long now, but we still use electricity. Same with hybrid cars, but we still drill for oil. What has to happen in order for a shift in thinking to occur? Will we even make it through the shift that is happening now? We have to now more than ever make the initiative to change our ways.

What opinions do you have on sustainability? Have you taken any steps to create sustainable living solutions? Share them here and I'll be happy to reply!

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