COVID-19 Pandemic: How Could We Change to Make the World a Better Place?

Air quality in several parts of the world has improved drastically since the start of the pandemic. We are also seeing a decrease in deaths related to the exposure of toxic gases in the atmosphere. Unfortunately it took a pandemic for us to blindly see the effects. What does this tell us about the way our world functions? We have to start taking into consideration the truth about pollution and our impact on the planet. We can't just go back to the way things were and continue to destroy the planet as we have been doing up to the start of this pandemic. Yes we are here on Earth to transform the Earth into new creations but we cannot continue to exploit it the way we do just for financial gain.

Has anyone come to realize how much less is needed to have a simple life? Why all the consumerism? Shopping for new shoes and new clothes all the time or new cars etc. What is so difficult about being content with just the necessities and realizing there is enough with less. We have to also realize that we will not win against Mother Nature. We have to live and act within the laws of the universe. Creating chaos and destruction is not the way to go if we expect to have a healthy and abundant future.

This season is a good time to get in touch with Mother Earth. Long walks, jogging, biking are a great start but even better is gardening. Why not plant some organic herbs and vegetables this year? Even if you don't have a backyard you can plant some things indoors. I personally want to be involved in all those activities because it brings me a lot of nurturing and I like to show that i respect and love the Earth.

We can see the positive and the negative in this situation. Seeing both is actually really good as opposed to seeing just one or the other. We have to work with the good and the bad polarity and find balance somewhere in the middle. Right now humanity is having a big fall, but sometimes a fall is needed to jump higher. However, we can't just continue the same way as before because we will only find ourselves falling again being faced with some other crisis.

Our economy is also crashing. We have to come together and build new system that is fair and just and not just based on profit and gain. We have to help clean up the Earth so it can be restored back to its natural evolutionary process without so much interference from humanity. The more we work within the laws of the universe the better the outcome will be for humanity. (For those who don't know what I mean by the universal laws please read my article about the 7 laws and the 7 chakras).

We don't have to make the same mistakes over and over again. If we stop and look at where we are now and understand where the problems lie, we can come together and make new choices. You have to understand that disease does not happen because of faulty genetics. It is our birthright to be healthy and happy. It is the environment that has an impact on our health and that is where the problems come from. By environment I am including mental (the way we are taught to think), physical (the over consumption and manipulation of resources), economical (injustice and corruption), political etc.

Science has only taken us so far, because the traditional models no longer stand. There is strong evidence about our evolutionary process that we haven't even evolved from monkeys (as an example). We actually appeared on Earth 200,000 years ago. Darwin's theory of evolution and the concept of survival of the fittest, doesn't even work anymore. It did a few generations back. Because of it we had wars and famine, inequality and lack of basic needs in parts of the world. We still do now, but the way everything is becoming globalized we are able to help those in need - we are working in cooperation with one another

. (There is still much room for improvement). We have to look at working together cooperatively not against each other creating more separation and duality. Thankfully

there are scientists out there publicizing the new truths. Let's have an open mind and read into modern discoveries, listen to those who see things different and think differently. Don't exclude them just because their thinking is not following the same patterns as generations back. Be open to expressing your perspective and your opinion. It matters.

What steps have to taken to make changes in your life? How are you handling the crisis and where to do you see yourself headed? Have you learned anything from the experience of this pandemic? Please share your comments and opinions. I would love to hear them.

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