As Above so Below

Astrologers and philosophers would describe the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm by the principle of "as above so below". Our outer world is affected by our inner world and vice versa. With this principle we can state that the power of your mind can change the very minute processes within ourselves. For example the gene expression. How is this possible? Let's take a look in the following:

Expression of proteins corresponds to the expression of life. It has actually been determined that 99% of disease is caused by lifestyle and choices, not by error in the genetic coding. We have to understand that genes do not create disease. It is the environment that signals the genes to create disease. The internal order is greater than the environmental. How we feel on the inside determines how we function on the outside and thus emotions play a key role in the up and down regulation of genes. Allow me to provide you an example that has had shocking results. A person who had type 2 diabetes was studied watching a comedy show. After some time the fact that the person was laughing and enjoying the present moment, the gene expression changed and was no longer coding in error creating the diabetes (reference to Dr. Joe Dispenza GAIA TV). By having healthy emotional states we can actually lengthen our life and change gene expression to healthiest expression.

Allow me to list a few genes and what they are responsible for and how the expression of these genes leads to healthier states of being:

1. CHAC 1 gene: responsible for the reduction of free radicals and anti-aging

2. CTFG: decrease expression linked to cancer, healing wounds, connective tissue

3. TUFT 1: cell repair and healing. regulates stem cells.

4. DI02: pituitary gland, thyroid tissue, lowers insulin, improves metabolic disease

5. C5 or f66-AS1: supression of tumors

6. KRT24: Cell structure, supression of cancer cells

7. ALS2CL: supression of of tumors

All these genes can be activated during meditative states. When we focus our mind on the quantum field, it can actually have the largest influence on us. Our thoughts work really closely with the quantum field. So simply commanding your body to code for these genes can actually start the process.

Allow me to guide you through the following meditation:

I invite you to sit comfortably in a chair or in lotus position. Close your eyes and deepen your breath. Feel the space around you in your room in your neighborhood and beyond.

Continue feeling the vastness of space until you reach out as far as you can think of in your mind.

When you reach a state of inner peace and connect with the void allow yourself to say the following command "upregulate healthy gene expression of CHAC1 gene." "I am grateful for my healthy state of being and am open to receive more."

You can continue this process for the 7 different genes mentioned above.

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