Are scientists closer to discovering the Source of all that is in existence?

In recent years physicist Nassim Haramein has made some very fascinating discoveries. He has looked into the physics of both the macro and microcosm, and has discovered how both the quantum and material worlds are completely connected and not separate or isolated from one another as scientists tend to look at things to date.

He began with the discovery and understanding of how the vacuum works. He observed the fluctuation of this vacuum at the surface of a neutron star, noticing that there is always electromagnetic fluctuation. That the vacuum is not nothing. There is fluctuation even at the 0 point. The vacuum has energy everywhere. Is this fluctuating vacuum the source of all matter in creation?

The interesting thing to me is that when this vacuum fluctuation becomes coherent, material particles emerge. Matter emerges, creating the material world we know today. This doesn't happen randomly. The fluctuations are not random, they are polarized and organized. When they are organized enough, that is when the matter begins to come to existence. When matter comes together this is what we call consciousness or awareness. The organization in a harmonious and coherent manner of the matter is the consciousness.

As we looked at coherence between the brain and the heart, when we mentioned Dr. Dispenza's work, this follows the same principle. The more coherent matter is, the more conscious and complex and evolved it becomes. Just like we become more coherent, we become more aware or more conscious. This applies to everything in the universe.

So, the vacuum is also inside of you. Because we are not just the smallest particle of matter, even the smallest particle of matter exists within space. This space (fluctuating vacuum) is where the matter emerges from. Our cells have certain lifetime, they die and new ones are made, like for example our skin cells. They live about 2-3 weeks and then new ones are made in place of the old ones. There is always a cycle of life and death within us. There is always an emergence of new to replace the old. Even if we pass away we transform into a different state of existence within this fluctuating vacuum.

Now, you may think, but what about the possibility of all this being random? What about disharmonies? There are things that do occur at random, or it may only be so because we haven't looked at the big picture to recognize that it is not random at all.

Dr. Haramein describes this beautifully. He says that if we put our nose in a Persian carpet, we will see a bunch of random things. Dirt, dust, some color here and there and detail of the fabric. However, if we look from much farther away, we don't see as much disharmony anymore. We see the beautiful patterns and shapes and colors within the carpet. This is the same if we observe the universe. Sometimes if we look only so close we see things a certain way and think that the bigger picture is also the same. However, when scientists took a look at the universe on a larger scale they were able to notice organization. The sacred geometry, the angular momentum, the structure of our reality.

When you look at all this from a spiritual perspective, you may notice how the "I" is no longer and individual character in time and space separate from others or other matter around. The "I" becomes so much more complex, and there is so much more depth to it. So much, that some yogis call this the infinity. The infinity within. That the universe is within us as we are within it.

For more information about Dr. Haramein's research and discoveries check out the series: Quantum Revolution on Gaia TV.

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