How to lift your winter blues-- some suggestions

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Whether you just have the winter blues, or whether it turns into Seasonal Affective Disorder, you will want to take note of these easy tips.

1. Get a light box. Look into it. It is, and is meant to be, like the summer sky. If you are one who likes storms, watch a video of a thunderstorm. If you like bird or animal sounds, there are videos on YouTube or Spotify with just those sounds for hours.

2. Transform your cubicle. If you don't have big windows and are always in your cubicle at work, get some plants for your cubicle. Also, have a light box in your cubicle. On breaks, take walks in nature if possible. If your job is driving you nuts due to lack of nature, it is time to look for another. Nature is key to health. Working from home may be an option, where you are the master of your own breaks and you can even work on your laptop in the park or on the beach!

3. Sound is your friend. Listen to music, talk to people, or watch a loud movie. Sound is vibration, which all is made of at its core... vibrations can affect the structure of our very soul as well as our body. We must expose ourselves to vibrations of sound that resonate with us.

4. If you are into summer and summer activities, watch a summer movie, invite friends over for a party if you previously only did that in the summer. Go to a tanning salon or get a sun light installed in your bathroom. Cook summery dishes and take vitamin D3 and vitamin C. Exercise like it's summer; imagine you are on the beach when you do pushups and situps. Play volleyball in an indoor space with summery music. Go swimming in an indoor pool.

5. Don't totally write off antidepressants... they could lift your mood just enough to make you look for more summery stimulation to lighten your mood some more.

6. Meditate and imagine the sun. Imagine yourself astral projecting to a summery climate, even if you can't astral project. Spotify has guided meditations on a channel called Hay House Meditations. There are also other guided meditations on Spotify and YouTube.

7. Have a summery attitude; imagine yourself light and cheery and unencumbered by heavy winter clothes, and you will look, act and feel like it.

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