7 Universal Laws and the 7 Chakras

There are 7 rules to the universe you cannot escape. In order to build your reality you have to follow the 7 laws. These laws are found everywhere and are applicable to everyone. In the 3D reality, the 7 laws are split into 7 parts corresponding to our 7 chakras. However there is but one main law and that is Mentalism. "The mind is all" principle. Our body which contains the 7 chakras is a reflection of the laws. We have to be coherent within ourselves and coherent with the 7 laws (or the 1 law which is split into the 7 parts).

7. Mentalism: What does Mentalism mean? It means that there is a oneness with all, that everything is mind and that we have to strive towards being in harmony with everything around us and with yourself. This is represented by the crown chakra. Everything that you live is what you think and believe. In order to manifest the things you want in life you have to be in the present moment, because the present is all that there is. We speak of the past and the future but this is only relevant to our perception in the 3D. Coherence only manifests when you are in the present moment.

6. Correspondence: As within so without. This principle is represented by the 3rd eye chakra. We need our eyes to see and our ears to hear, however all this information perceived from outside of us, is processed within us. Our eyes and ears help us to see the distortion and all the pieces of the puzzle. Everything still comes from within the mind. We have to see the positive and the negative and we also have to be neutral. This can happen only when all 3 of our eyes function together (the left, right and 3rd eye).

5. Vibration: this principle corresponds to the throat chakra. Everything vibrates. Everything you communicate holds a particular vibration. You have to be aware of how and what you communicate as the vibration of that is sent out to the universe and comes back to you. Words are very important and powerful, as we know from biblical text.

4. Rhythm: this principle corresponds to the heart chakra. Everything has a time according to its rhythm. There is always a fluctuation between the positive and negative. Rhythms are connected to time. For example, time is very long when the rhythm is slow and very fast when the rhythm is fast. If the rhythm goes faster, the vibration also increases. So in order to change your rhythm you have to change the vibration of how you communicate, the way you perceive things (the correspondence) and the way you think (mentalism).

We have to seek harmony between all these in order to manifest normality. This doesn't mean that ups are good and downs are bad. It just means that there is always a change occurring. However when we go very low or very high we can suffer trauma. Sometimes trauma is just an event that helps us to reset ourselves back into normality.

3. Cause and effect: this principle corresponds to the solar plexus chakra. What you do has an effect. Everything that happens to you is because you created it. If something bad happens to you, you have to search for the cause of it and understand it in order to make the change. Sometimes it can be just because you are vibrating low in a low frequency and that is what comes back to you. You have to change the vibration, and the rhythm to change the cause and effect.

2. Polarity: this applies to the sacral chakra. We live in a world of separation and polarity. We go from one end to the other, from positive to negative, from up to down all the time. This helps us to evolve. We don't have to look as downs or negatives as a bad thing. In fact we need to go down in order to jump higher. So sometimes it is good to experience the downs. It helps you to grow and evolve. However we do have two ways of looking at reality. Do we want to live in a reality of creation or in a reality of separation?

1: Generation: this law is represented by the root chakra. Everything is generated from the positive and negative. Everything that is destroyed is recreated. There is no such thing as death. We only transform our existence to a different state.

Knowing the 7 laws, or the 1 main law: mentalism, can help you to navigate through life or through reality in the way that you want. We have always have the choice to live a life of creation or a life of destruction. Which do you choose?

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